Trends in
New Home Building

With some exciting developments happening further down the line this year, we're keeping an eye out for residential construction trends that might give us the edge over our competitors. If you're thinking about building your dream home on that empty piece of land you invested in, this post is perfect for you.

Open Spaces & Clean Lines

In 2017 and for the foreseeable future, it seems as though contemporary design is the way to go. There will be less focus on clutter, and a stronger emphasis on clean lines. People who opt for a more classical home exterior, or those who already own classical homes, will be leaning towards a completely open-plan interior. These designs afford more usable space, and optimum use of natural light, making even the smallest living areas seem comfortably large.

Smart Homes

Smart technology is here to stay. As a result, home automation is growing in popularity for various reasons. People want more efficient ways of controlling and managing their homes. Home automation companies are finding ways to solve problems that most people never thought existed.

Bringing in the Outdoors

People are rapidly realizing that their backyard spaces are severely under-utilized. One of the home building trends we're seeing is indoor spaces that open directly onto outdoor living spaces. This indoor/outdoor trend is an extension of the open-plan living ideal.

Solar Roofing

The power of solar energy is undeniable. Finding sources of renewable energy is an absolute must - particularly with the strain put on the grid, globally. Solar roofing is becoming increasingly more popular as people become more aware of their carbon footprint. The increase in energy costs is another major benefit to finding alternative sources of power for the home.

Which of these home building trends interests you most?

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