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Home Renovation Ideas

Minimize our carbon footprint

There's no doubt that we're all trying to find ways to minimize our carbon footprint - whilst we simultaneously do what we can to reduce our monthly energy bills. Green home design is rapidly becoming more and more popular, and it's easy to see why. We've combed the web for some of our favourite green home renovation ideas. Take a look. You might find something to inspire you.

Why use reclaimed wood?

Use reclaimed wood for your floors - it's a durable, versatile, affordable alternative to installing brand new wooden floors.

Passive Solar Design

Reduce your energy costs by incorporating a design that captures the sun's heating energy. Consider concrete floors and thick interior walls made of plaster or brick that are able to soak up the sun's warmth during the day, releasing the heat at night when the sun sets. This is a great way to stabilize temperature fluctuations.

Direct-vent fireplaces

This winter, we're all feeling the chill. Wood fireplaces are cozy, sure, but there's a greener option. Consider the fact that wood fireplaces are messy, smoky, and not at all efficient and you already have all the reasons needed to make the switch-over. Direct-vent fireplaces use outside air for combustion and convert up to 80% of the fuel they burn into heat .

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