Top Beautiful
Houses in South Africa

We've done a post on celebrity homes around the world but what about the gorgeous houses on our own shores? There are some absolutely gorgeous houses in and around South Africa - some of them so palatial that one would think they belonged to royalty.

At Renov8 we just can't resist keeping an eye out for eye catching luxury homes. Besides, there's no better way for us to create a beautiful home for our clients than by taking a peek at what's trending out there.

Here, in no particular order, are a few of our favourite houses from around South Africa

Modern Clifton Mansion

It's easy to see why this is Clifton's most popular residential listing. An absolutely gorgeous view and natural vibe make this a highly sought after style.

Sandhurst Sophistication

Harrow House on Sandhurst Estate is a picture of elegance. Everything about this particular home screams "luxury" and we certainly wouldn't mind some time exploring the enormous grounds

Camps Bay Class

This building took our breath away - and that pool, WOW! With sprawling lawns and a gorgeous view, we couldn't possibly think of any improvements. This is definitely the kind of house we'd love to build one day.

Fresnaye Fancy

This is another one that left us breathless. It tops the expensive list for sure and the pool is just pure magic.

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