Plumbing Services in Cape Town

Plumbing Installations and Renovations

Renov8 Construction provides plumbing services in Cape Town. We offer a wide variety of plumbing solutions to the commercial, residential and construction divisions. We can provide turnkey plumbing solutions that include a variety of fixtures and fittings that will suit any style or trend that our customers may require.

We ensure that we use only the very best products to certify that our clients have the best quality plumbing service and finish available. We at Renov8 Construction consider the very best alternatives when it comes to the installation of plumbing products and services.

Whether we are working with lifestyle fitness centres; pools or private construction, the same care is taken to ensure that our clients receive the latest products, or those products that fall in line with their budget. Because this is a turnkey service, we like to consult with our clients and provide them with a variety of options that offer solutions to their plumbing and sanitary ware requirements.

If you are undertaking a commercial or residential renovation project that requires plumbing services, and you are looking for plumbing contractors in Cape Town that you can rely on, the team at Renov8 Construction should be your first option! Contact us today to discuss your needs.

Commercial & Residential Plumbing Services

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