Predicted Home
Design Trends for 2017 part 2

As promised, here's part 2 of our list of predicted home design trends for the coming year. There are some seriously fabulous ideas in here. In fact, we're sorely tempted to redo some of our own homes to feature these gorgeous new styles. We're nothing if not committed to style

Stay in the Shadows

Benjamin Moore's colour of the year, Shadow, is set to be featured in many applications in homes across the globe. Think feature walls, think drama, think bold... Think whatever you want to think, really.

Marble Surfaces are Back

We never doubted that marble would make a reappearance as the surface material of choice. So if you've had enough of those tired old tiles on your floors and countertops, you'll be glad to know that light gray and white marble are back in business!

Warm Colours in the Bedroom

Gray and neutral tones might be popular in all other living spaces, but the bedroom is said to be ready for an upgrade to warm, romantic colours. We're quite excited about this. It gives homeowners the opportunity to showcase a little more personality.

The Home Bar

Great news - built-in home bars are a go! What else can we say on the subject? Get one!

Back in Beige

You'll be pleased to know that beige is making a major comeback. Whether you want to keep your living spaces completely neutral, or whether you want to add a splash of colour here and there, beige is the foundation on which to build.

What are your thoughts on this year's trends?

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