Trends and Innovation in Construction

Cosy African Living Room

It’s Heritage Month here in Sunny South Africa and we couldn’t be more excited! We’ve been combing the web for some African-inspired design ideas and are seriously impressed with what we’ve found. The following living room designs are a real celebration of the beauty that surrounds us on a daily basis. Take a look and

Artsy Pigeon-hole Modular Shelving

Storage space is always a big deal these days. With our living spaces growing smaller whilst our list of possessions grows longer, it’s hardly surprising that people are constantly on the hunt for smarter storage ideas. Of course, we do live in a time where aesthetics are important. Which is why shelving needs to be

Shower Egg

Considering the fact that we all spend a fair amount of time in the shower, it’s surprising that this is often an area in the house that is overlooked in terms of style. A fresh, modern shower design can work wonders for your state of mind. We’ve spent some time browsing the Internet and found

Hidden kitchen Storage

Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas

Our clients often request more storage space when they contact us for a kitchen renovation. We completely understand the need for additional storage, especially in busy homes with large families. Our job is to find smart storage solutions that reduce clutter without detracting from the overall style of the kitchen. We’ve combed the Internet to

Modern Two-Tone Wooden Coffee Table

Top Wooden Furniture Items

It’s been a while since our last blog post – and we’d like to apologise for that. It’s been an exciting time for us at Renov8. We’ve made a few internal changes and have been exceptionally busy. We’d like to focus on joinery in this post, mostly because we are incredibly proud of our joinery

Glass Feature Fireplace

Winter is almost here – you can feel it in the crispness of the morning air and the early sunsets. For those of us living in Cape Town, this is going to be a much-needed reprieve from the constant onslaught of heatwaves during the summer months. We love winter. We particularly look forward to snuggly

Capital Gate Buildings

At Renov8, we’re passionate about construction. We find ourselves getting super excited about  trendy commercial buildings and unique architectural designs. Occasionally, we’ll come across something so amazing that we can’t help but share them with you, our fabulous clients. Here is a selection of some of our absolute favourites. These buildings are really something. 1.

White Kitchen with Pale Grey Marble Countertop

Pale Kitchen Designs You’ll Love

Dark, heavy kitchens are out this year. Pale, light, and breezy designs are the order of the day. In a world where space is limited but wants and needs never seem to shrink, consider the benefits of a lighter kitchen. The paler your kitchen colour pallette, the more spacious the room will seem. When renovating

Foliage Covered House in Brussels.

Eccentric Homes from Around the Globe

Sometimes you can’t help but take a walk on the weird side. At Renov8 we often find ourselves wondering what some of the “stranger” homes in the world look like – after all, with so many varied tastes and lifestyles out there it stands to reasons that there would be some fairly eccentric houses out