Kitchen Trends
to Look out for in 2016

Here at Renov8 we love to keep an eye out for any emerging trends in the kitchen design industry. There's always something new and exciting happening in the world of kitchen renovations - and we make sure to keep abreast of any news our clients might find interesting.

Of course, we want nothing more than to ensure that we offer our clients the best in kitchen design and renovations. So, if your home is in need of some TLC over the next few months you might find some inspiration in this post.

Here are the top kitchen trends to look out for in 2016

High Gloss Accessories, Decor & Gadgets

We're going to be seeing a lot of high gloss items in kitchens this year. There's something so beautiful about the way glossy decor and accessories offset the more muted tones in a modern kitchen. Whether you opt for glossy black, shiny white, or a bold step into the realm of neon colour, you're guaranteed to be a part of this trending movement.

Integrated Living Spaces

Open-plan kitchens are back, but it's so much more than just taking out a wall. This year we'll be seeing kitchens becoming a real part of the home, rather than just a simple cooking space. Gone are the days where your kitchen feels disconnected from the rest of your living space.

Wooden Floors

We've become way too accustomed to kitchen floors that feature linoleum and tiles. This year, there will be a new wave of hardwood kitchen floors that add a warmer look and feel to the space.

Glass Front Cabinetry

Glass front cupboards and cabinets are making a comeback. This particular trend helps to open up kitchen spaces, making them seems larger and more spacious. Finally, you'll have the opportunity to put your prettier kitchen items on display.

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