About Us

WHY choose

We believe in challenging the norm and converting dreams into a reality through Integrity, Quality, and Professionalism, providing an all-around better experience in the building industry and achieving extraordinary results for each client individually.

We firmly believe that proper planning and communication between client and contractor is essential to managing risk and producing results of the highest quality.

We believe RENOV8 CONSTRUCTION has the integrity the building industry needs. We do this by focusing on our clients and their objectives. As we offer our service, we strive for the highest degree of transparency between all role players and assure our utmost attention to detail from inception phase to final completion.

Our Story

RENOV8 CONSTRUCTION is company founded in 2005 by Sean Westraad in the Western Cape. The company was established upon the principle of service excellence. By living up to such ideals, RENOV8 CONSTRUCTION has become a foremost player in the Commercial Interior Construction and Residential Construction industries, creating functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces.

The long-term aim of RENOV8 CONSTRUCTION as a construction company is not to become the biggest in our field but rather to be the best at what we do.

We encourage all clients to come and meet the team and see what we do best.