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Premium Building Contractors in Cape Town

RENOV8 Construction believes in challenging the norm and converting your dreams into reality through Integrity, Quality, and Professionalism. We do this by providing an all-round better customer experience in the building industry and achieving extraordinary results for each of our clients individually. As far as renovation and building contractors in Cape Town and surrounds go, clients can expect overall service excellence from our team!

We are able to manage risk and produce results of the highest standard possible through proper planning and communication between client and contractor.

The long-term aim of RENOV8 CONSTRUCTION is not to become the biggest in our field but rather to be the best at what we do.

Our Story

RENOV8 CONSTRUCTION was founded in 2005 by Sean Westraad on the principles of service excellence. By living up to such ideals, RENOV8 CONSTRUCTION has become a foremost player in Commercial Interior Alterations and Residential Construction. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and strive to create functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces.

The company currently operates in the Western Cape, South Africa. If you are looking to renovate your home or update the interior of your business, you can count on us as your trusted building contractors in Cape Town. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.


At RENOV8 CONSTRUCTION, we have the integrity that the building industry needs at this time. While focusing on our clients and their objectives, we always strive for the highest degree of transparency for everyone involved. Furthermore, we pay great attention to detail from the initial brief or inception phase to final completion and handover.

Our Pillars


To serve through Integrity, Quality and Professionalism.


To become the middle-sized construction company of choice by achieving extraordinary results for our clients through Integrity, Quality and Professionalism; and to build successful careers for our employees whilst delivering timely and profitable projects.


At Renov8 Construction, we view ourselves as a trustworthy team of construction experts who are able to handle a variety of projects, no matter how detailed they may be..


We understand that any project carries with it huge financial implications, which is why we do whatever is necessary to provide our clients the peace of mind they deserve.

Our History

Sean Westraad, RENOV8 CONSTRUCTION’s Managing Director has been in the Construction industry since 2002.

In 2005, Sean decided to venture on his own and this is when RENOV8 was born. It wasn’t by chance that Sean’s passion peaked in the Construction industry as he had the influence of not only his father but his grandfather, both having strong ties to the Construction industry in a number of ways. Since 2005, RENOV8 has gone from strength to strength within the industry and it continues to expand today. In the same way that Sean was inspired by his predecessors, he hopes that RENOV8 will inspire the future generation.

Our Environmental Impact

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At RENOV8, we have a firm belief in making use of sustainable building principles wherever possible. By reducing our carbon footprint (and by extension that of our clients). We strive to implement green construction procedures wherever possible. Throughout each building’s life cycle, from the foundations up, we take every opportunity available to apply resource-efficient and environmentally responsible building processes and practices. We are able to source materials that reflect these principles and utilise them in ways that are highly economical and ecologically friendly at the same time.

Our design and construction teams work in close cooperation with our highly knowledgeable and skilled engineers. Each of our innovative green construction projects focuses on the efficient use of water, electricity and other necessary resources. We also concentrate on reducing pollution, improving waste management and minimising environmental degradation.

RENOV8 Construction also promotes the concept of green building which focuses on using pure materials that are readily and locally available.

We encourage all clients and potential clients to come and meet the team and see what we do best.

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