5 Restaurant Design
Trend Predictions by the Pros

As a restaurant owner, your patrons expect more than just good food and great service to have you in the runnings for their favourite spot. They're looking for somewhere to sit back and unwind after a busy day at the office. They need somewhere that's bustling enough to feel vibey and interesting, yet comfortable and cozy enough to provide a sense of privacy and relaxation.

All things considered, it's a pretty tall order to fill. We've combed the web for some of our favourite restaurant trend predictions from  experts across the globe. Have a read, and tell us what you think.


Barnwood, Industrial Heaviness, and Edison Bulbs are on their Way Out

“Everyone is getting sick of Edison bulbs and barnwood and industrial chic—that dark, heavy look from Grandpa’s house. . . . People are looking for something new, and a healthier slant on cuisine has made people look more at California. The white, bright, fresher look, the California boho-chic look, is the trend. We're] going away from dark and going toward lighter colors.”

Amy Morris, Cofounder, The MP Shift


Gardens are in and the Greenhouse Vibe is Hot

"You’re seeing plants everywhere: Everyone’s gardening out of their restaurants. Either a full-on greenhouse look with the arched roof and glass and tons of plants, or, if not [actual] plants, you're seeing floral or plant wallpaper.”

Paul Pruitt, Principal, New School


Streamlined and Residential is the Way to Go

“It feels to us that restaurant design is moving into more of a contemporary architecture phase. The era of the overstuffed, busy, classic restaurant look seems to be receding in favor of a much more streamlined, spare, luxury residential vibe. One trend we think will continue and that we enjoy working on ourselves is customized open flame, wood-burning cook spaces, like the hearth at Lilia. There is a lot of fun to be had in customizing those elements.”

Matthew Maddy, Designer, Sweet Nuthin' Hospitality and American Construction League


Casual and Chic will end up Sharing the Same Spaces

"We’re working a space right now where there’s a big lounge area, and you go through a secret passage. Then you’re in a game room where you can get burgers, and you go through another passage and you’re in a fine dining restaurant. It’s like, how much fun can we have with this experience?”

Jeremy Levitt and Andrew Cohen, Owners, Parts and Labor Design


Restaurants will become more Homey

“The biggest trend in food has been accessibility to amazing chefs and fantastic food that wasn't as accessible to as many people as it is now. [Before], when you thought about a great restaurant (with amazing food), you thought about a stodgy, special-occasion place. More and more, as [great food] becomes accessible, we feel the design trends are the restaurants opening up that flexibility to people.”

Laura Flam, Principals, Reunion Goods & Services

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