5 Fantastic
Office Reception Areas

Office reception areas need to be designed in such a way that they inspire trust in the client, whilst simultaneously giving that all-important first glimpse into the essence of the company. We've collected a few images of our favourite reception area designs to offer some inspiration.

Contemporary White Reception Desk

We love the simplicity of this reception area. The unique shape of the desk is a real eye-catcher and the hanging lights add that extra sparkle without overstepping the mark.

Nature-Inspired Reception Area

We're particularly fond of the way the wooden ceiling fixture curves downwards into the reception desk itself. Simple, modern, and effective, this is one way to bring nature into the office.

Modern Reception Area

This is a completely new take on a reception area. There's something undeniably mesmerizing about that centrepiece.

Elegant, Artistic Reception Area

This reception area is elegant and artsy at the same time. We love the simple lighting combined with the colourful walls and artistic desk.

Zen Reception Area

This might be our favourite reception area on the list. Ideal for a spa or hotel, the soothing colour pallette and natural vibe of this office is absolutely stunning.

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